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About Sanic Hedgehog

Sanic Hedgehog is a Sonic spoof character created by Youtuber 0nyxheart on March 31st 2010. Sadly Onyxheart Youtube account no longer exists and many users think he is dead. The first video of “Sanic, How To Draw” has been archived.

It simply is a badly drawn version of Sonic that looks really goofy and funny. Onyxheart called his creation “Sanic” Instead of Sonic. Within time his video became very popular and Sanic became a viral character. Fans of the video started creating fan games, videos, spoofs, Meme’s and art. The character is now a very popular Youtube celebrity with over 308,000 video results. He also holds some amazing impressive skills like the ability to run 12 times faster than the speed of light and reach speeds up to 8,047,399,548 mph. He also has MLG powers that make him unstoppable against anything in his way. Besides Running fast, he can transform into the faster version of Sonic’s spin dash called the Sanic Ball. That’s the known basics about this character. Scroll down to view more content about this goofy hedgehog.

Best Sanic Games

Many downloadable games exist at, sadly the majority of them are terrible. We have sorted the bad out. These are the best of the best that can be downloaded for Windows or Mac, some can even be played online, enjoy!.
– Sanic Ball
This is a strange but very addicting 3D racing game where you play as a ball along with other Sanic characters like Knackles, Taels, Ame Roes and more . Whats awesome about this game is the ability to race against friends online. Really goofy, but have very addicting gameplay Mechanics. Created by user BK-TN. – Download Here or Play Online

– Sanic The Hedgehog Demo
A pretty awesome adventure game featuring odd level design that stays true to the original series. These levels are over exaggerated though, more difficult but still fun to play. Check it out if you want to play something more traditional to the orginal 16-bit adventure games. Created By MasterSonicKnight. – Download Here.

What a troll of a game lol. You gotta go fast in this game. Try to make it through all of the levels without crashing into anything while collecting rings. Score as high as possible. He runs fast down these halls of doom while encountering weird WTH images on the wall. If you like running and avoiding games, this is pretty good. Created by Ithiro. – Download Here.

– Sanic Spin 2006
This is a fun challenging game. Every time you jump, he will do a flip. Navigate through platforms in a 3D first person view. Try your best not to fall down or you will have to start the level over again. A lot of trial and error and expect many deaths. Created by ElevenEleven. – Download Here Or Play Online.

– Honorable Mentions
Go Sanic Goo! MLG (Android Game) – Pretty awesome android running game. With power ups, traps and challenge. Download it Here at the store.
Sanic.EXE – The .EXE version. It’s ok I guess has a few funny creepy moments, very short though. A bit random and cat food even comes into the mix lol. If you play it you will understand. For more Information and Download – Click Here.

Best Sanic Fan Art

Created By RKzero10
Sanic Cum Step Up

Created By ???
Sanic Doll

Created By KogHog
Sanic Smashified

Sanic Link Resources

Other Useful information and entertaining content available on the internet. More resources will be added when we stumble on something we think is useful to link to.
Most Popular Youtube Videos – The greatest source for content because this is where he was created into a super star. These are the most popular videos but also the best. Large Resource of Fan art – Some are good, most are terrible. If you want to check out Images this is the place to go.

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