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Best Sonic.EXE Resources

Besides this fan website, there are tons of other resources on the internet where you can learn more about Sonic.EXE and find amazing fan created content. There is just too much unique information to post on this website. So we decided to add resource links to other awesome site pages that we feel should be viewed if you are a true fan or interested in Sonic.EXE.

General Resources

The Truth, about Sonic.EXE – The creator of Sonic.exe, JC-The-Hyena explains everything about the story and the real truth about Sonic.exe. Many false stories have been floating around, this is the real deal.
A Great Exaggerated Story – Not the real story of Sonic.exe exactly, but an over exaggerated, entertaining well written one based on the original.
Sonic.EXE Fan Games At – A large list of Sonic.exe fan created games. A few are good but most are downright terrible. You are free to Download and try any of them.
Complete Fan Art Gallery – You guessed it, View all Sonic.exe art posted by fans. Some of the art is amazing and some of the art is not so good, but it’s a large collection.

Youtube Video Resources

Youtube Search For Sonic.EXE – See all kinds of gameplays, reaction videos, animations, stories and more just by searching on Youtube. Yeah it’s common sense to search it, but this is probably the overall single greatest Sonic.exe resource.
TeenageBratWurst, Playlist – His playlist features all kinds of awesome and funny Sonic.exe animation videos. Probably the best single video resource for Sonic.exe cartoons.
Lugikid Gaming .exe Videos – In general Lugikid has done more .exe gameplay videos than any other Youtuber. Not only Sonic, but pretty much everything related to the scary .EXE creepypasta genre.
AnimationRewind – He has a nice collection of “vs” videos featuring Sonic.exe.

Miscellaneous Resources

About Creepypasta .EXE Characters – An entire Page dedicated to .EXE character information and games.
Amy.EXE Information – A Cool page dedicated Amy.EXE, the corrupted evil version of Amy Rose and Sonic.EXE’s girlfriend. – Awesome page of fan created Sonic Games you can play online for free when using your PC, Chromebook or Mac. Even some .EXE games are mixed in there :D.

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