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Other .EXE Games That Are Worth Playing!

So you only thought Sonic had .EXE games? If you did, you were wrong! Their is actually hundreds of other .EXE games that have been made based on all sorts of different characters. There is one problem though! The majority of these games are horrible and not worth your time. So we gathered another list of the best ones, so you don’t have to waste your time searching and downloading bad games. As always if you know of a great .EXE game that should be listed on this page please contact us, and if it is good enough we will list it here. Check the following games out!

– Pacman.EXE
This is not like the original classic Pacman game. Pacman.EXE is very creepy, dark and evil. You will only see a little bit of your surroundings at a time so you never know where exactly the Pacman ghosts (Enemies) are. So out of nowhere they can jump scare you. Eat large red dots to see the entire level for a limed of time. Try to eat all dots to pass the level! Pac-Creepyness at it’s best, enjoy! – PLAY ONLINE or DOWNLOAD HERE. Created by BerickCook.

– Toy Story.EXE
Pretty Creepy story in this game. Woody was being played with one day and his head came off. The next morning the other toys noticed woody was gone and Andy was dead, lol. How freaking creepy is that hahaha. In Toy Story.EXE you get to play as a few different characters and go through blood soaked levels filled with jump scares. Also has some great Erie music. This is definitely not like the Disney movie. Woody is out to kill, give it a try. – DOWNLOAD HERE. Created By Oldum77.

– Windows 9.EXE
Do you ever wonder what happened to Windows 9 PC operating system? It went from Windows 8 all the way to Windows 10. But Microsoft’s Windows 9 mysteriously never made an appearance. Now you can test out the Windows 9 beta. Rumor is this piece of software was cursed by a jealous voodoo doctor that works for Apple. Lol, this is a pretty neat, fun and creepy game. Great prank game to use on kids that are afraid of computer virus’s. Give it a try! DOWNLOAD HERE. Created by RickyG.

– Honorable Mentions
Freddy.exe – With how popular the FNAF series is, I knew some FNAF.EXE games would be made. Freddy.exe has some very terrible graphics lol, but its still scary and pretty funny. You can tell the game designer took his time to create the scares as good as they could be even with limited graphics. Try it out, DOWNLOAD HERE. Created by Endar_Dude.

Kirby.exe – (AKA KirBy’s World) – This is a pretty good .exe game I guess. You get to play as kirby in a dark castle. It features over 50 creepy dark levels, to play through. Not the best scares, but still a decent game. More Information and DOWNLOAD HERE.

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